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About Our District

The Beauty District is nothing like the sterile atmosphere and blank slate of a typical salon suite. Here, you will find an environment that is relaxing, yet vibrant—your clients will feel the difference as soon as they step through the doors.

  • Community areas with dryers and chairs, coffee vending machine, TVs, charging stations for electronics and free Wi-Fi
  • More than 8,000 square feet of space*
  • Virtual receptionist and front lobby paging system
  • After hours call box for client entry
  • Towel service and on-site laundry facilities
  • 24/7 surveillance and Shopping Center security
  • Custom ventilation for clean air
  • Abundant parking for you and your clients
  • Captivating 24-foot ceilings in lobby and hallways*

*Not all District locations include every option listed. Features vary depending on suite size and location within The Beauty District.

Your Suite Amenities

Your suite. Your style. Your space. At The Beauty District, you can design your space to fit your unique style. Plus, we provide all the basic tools to get your business rocking from day one.

  • Modern styling chairs and shampoo bowl
  • Towel service and on-site laundry facilities
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Community hair processing area with dryers and chairs, TVs, charging stations for electronics and free Wi-Fi
  • Minimum 12-foot ceilings
  • 100–300 square feet of space–choose the best size for your business
  • Privacy suites
  • Optimal LED natural lighting, dimmable for estheticians
  • Light box in ceiling for decorative lighting
  • Ability to link your personal website and Instagram account on
  • Fully equipped tenant lounge
  • Oversized locking door for privacy
  • Wi-Fi and utilities
  • Individual thermostat control*

What Our Beauty Pros Say

 We know we’re the best...but you don’t have to take our word for it.

"What would you change at The Beauty District if you could: Nothing you guys are on top of everything, awesome!"

Roberto R
Beauty Pro At The Beauty District

"I love it here and so thankful to get to run my business out of this beautiful space!"

Courtney B
Beauty Pro At The Beauty District

"Why The Beauty District? Intelligent Design, Location, Location, Location, Very Progressive. Lots of space it sets the tone. I love it here. Honestly it’s perfect!"

Cynthia B
Beauty Pro At The Beauty District

"How is the suite Layout different at The Beauty District versus other salon suites? Sizes, Lighting, Visibility, it’s amazing!"

Thomas S
Beauty Pro At The Beauty District

"Do you benefit from our community processing area? Yes, Love it! I can make the most of my own suite square footage."

Madison D
Beauty Pro At The Beauty District

"What else should we incorporate at The Beauty District? I think The Beauty District thought of everything! Overall appearance, cleanliness, easy access for clients, functionality and comfortable spaces for clients and stylists."

Gianna Q
Beauty Pro At The Beauty District

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