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Cynthia Boggs

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The severe drying effects, that are unique to the Arizona sun and Sonoran Desert heat, call for unique treatments. Cynthia has searched for quality products, made in Arizona specifically for these unique conditions. You and your skin will appreciate the the time and energy Cynthia will put into your comfort and each service you receive.

Cynthia Boggs has studied and practiced professionally the art of skin care and esthetics in Arizona for many years. She continues her studies, as Skin Care is not just her profession, but her passion.

In her studies and practice, Cynthia has learned that along with all skin types not being alike, all places and climates have different effects on different skin. Her diligent research has led her to proudly partnered with 2 locally made skin care brands. Hale & Hush and SkinScript, clearly have products for all skin types and climates, but they have a clear understanding of Arizona and the Sonoran Desert climate. She is now offering ReZENerate facial. ZEN is in the word because it gives the skin an amazing feeling of peace and balance. She uses it with all her product lines, especially the Hale & Hush line developed by an oncologist in Chandler, AZ for sensitive and very comprimised skin. It is not a laser and not micro needling. Not stressful even for the most sensitive skin. It fits in perfectly with her philosophy for her business peace, relaxation, results.

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